What We’ll Build

We are going to create a messaging Chatbot that is driven by OpenAIs GPT3. This is the closest thing I have seen to a bot having consciousness and we are going to do it in less than 50 lines of code!

This is the written tutorial but if you want to watch the video tutorial on Youtube click here.

Tech Stack

Become unstoppable at Codenames with the help of OpenAI’s GPT-3

We are going to create a Codenames Web App to help Spymasters give clues with the help of OpenAI’s GPT3. This is not man VS machine but rather man AND machine.

This is the in depth written tutorial but if you want to watch me go through these steps you can find my video tutorial here:

What is Codenames?

How to create your own Spotify Wrapped with APIs

What We’ll Build

We are going to create a Spotify Wrapped App that generates our top tracks over various time periods. We will build it so it updates every month instead of once a year. If you’re more of a visual learner, you can watch the YouTube tutorial here.

Tech Stack

We are going to be doing this in the Python using spotipy and gspread
We will be writing our code first in a Jupyter Notebook and then in the VS Code editor
We will be using an API keys from Spotify and Google to access user data
We will be using Glide to build our app…

Learning to Code with NBA Data

Let’s start with good news and bad news. The good news is, the NBA has a stats portal online where they keep data for current and historic NBA games. The bad news is, it’s embedded within the NBA web app where we can’t easily download and manipulate the data for personal fantasy basketball use.

Despite the bad news, there is a solution out there. That solution is laid out in this post. If Adam Silver purposely restricted access to the NBA API, that means the more this post gets shared, the more likely I get banned from all NBA arenas…

While ad buying becomes a commodity—creative stands out.

Say you want to grow a new DTC product you just launched on Shopify. Organic sales are on fire, and you’ve decided you’re ready to pour paid Facebook Ads on the flames.

What I wish I knew when I was getting started with Pandas Dataframes

If you’ve ever found yourself copy pasta’ing Pandas code from Stack Overflow, you may have run into a dear old friend, the inplace parameter. At first glance it probably looks like a seemingly random parameter, popping up here and there but more often hiding in the background, defaulting to False.

When I was starting to learn Pandas, I never once encountered an explanation for what the inplace parameter truly was, or what it was used for. Well, maybe I did, but I certainly don’t remember reading anything that gave me confidence for how to deal with it.

Fast forward to…

How to send favorite photo memories via text with a click of a far-away button

Let me preface this by first saying we do not have any pets or plants. My wife works from home frequently, and as a result, I receive phone calls periodically throughout the day for ‘chit-chat.’ I am always happy to participate in this ‘chit-chat,’ but I often need to tell her that it interferes with meetings while I am at work. To help smooth over the disappointment whenever I need to decline the call, I decided to make her something. This decision happened to come around Valentine’s Day last year, so I went all in on a geeky-romantic something. …

How to build an AWS Lambda Function to email yourself a daily quote

My wife said I was spamming her too much. She wasn’t wrong. In a polite way she asked if I could reduce my automated emails from daily to weekly. Trying not to be offended, I decided to use it as an opportunity to revisit my original project, document it, then share it as a blog post. What I had created was a python script to email myself a random quote every morning. This was at ends with my inbox(0) mentality but a good way to serendipitously start each workday. The quotes came from a google sheet, which I continuously added…

Step-by-step guide to launch a Twitter bot that retweets your favorites

Every day when I launch the blue bird I am flabbergasted by the breadth of conversations taking place and the streams of information being shared, all in some shape or form of 140 characters.

Twitter, to me, is a pipeline that transports thoughts straight from the brain directly to the internet.

The best part about the Twitter pipeline is the fact that there is no one gatekeeper restricting access. You can connect to it however you’d like and follow any interest.

And while you can get a fairly good idea of someone’s interests from their timeline (especially if they…

Why is it that anyone can join a Facebook community, but only 15 friends can join a Snapchat group?

My thesis is as follows: Facebook is a community and Snapchat is a fraternity (or sorority). The reasoning for this classification can be traced back to the founders themselves.

It all starts with Zuckerberg and his market insight.

John Mannelly

May or May Not Work for the CIA.

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